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MANI moved Friday Oct. 30

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The Province of Manitoba has announced that Winnipeg will be moving to a code RED.

Out of consideration for the well-being of our volunteers and visitors we have decided to restrict all access to only those preforming essential business functions of MGS until further notice.

We are continuing to work from home on the many MGS projects, researching, indexing, writing, and creating new content to be added to MANI, for a revamp of our website and providing research services for our clients.

For our members, many services will continue remotely, including access for researching through MANI and our KOHA catalogue.

Together we understand how your family history is a healthy, calming, fascinating outlet of discovery in our lives, now more than ever. Our dedicated volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to create research resources for your genealogical benefit.

While we cannot safely convene in large groups right now, MGS members are actively volunteering from either their home or in limited numbers at the MGS Resource Centre.
Manitoba Genealogical Society (MGS) is a provincial charitable organization celebrating over 40 years, contributing to family history services and our valuable heritage community.

Your support is appreciated. Plese consider making a donation to help support this work..
Manitoba Genealogical Society -

Welcome to the Members Only website of the

Manitoba Genealogical Society

The Manitoba Genealogical Society Inc. (MGS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1976 and incorporated in 1982.

A major component of this members only website is MANI, the Manitoba Name Index.
MANI will allow MGS Members to search the indexes of the MGS.
You will be able to:

  • Locate individuals that match your search criteria
  • Discover the resource that was indexed and information on how to access further information
  • In a later phase you will be able to purchase copies of a single page
  • Use the online eStore to purchase the complete MGS publication where the information exists

The MANI database is growing and will have over one and a quarter million references indexed. We will also be adding additional members only features in the future.

Free sample Search showing number of Records in MANI:

Non members can do a search below to find out the just how many records they could find in MANI (that match their search criteria) once they join and become a MGS member. MANI is a benifit of membership in MGS.
You can join MGS and get access using the Register link on the left of the top banner.

MGS Services:

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Koha - Online Library Catalogue
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